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How to pledge your support


Watching someone affected by breast cancer can be heartbreaking and sometimes the hardest things to say are easier to write.

Reflex and Breast Cancer Network Australia have created the BCNA pledge campaign and encourage you to put those unspoken words on paper to let your loved one or friend know you are there for them.

How to pledge:

1. Write a heartfelt pledge on a piece of Reflex paper
2. Take a photo holding your pledge
3. Post it to your preferred social media account/s using the hashtag #bcnapledge

Don't forget to check with your loved one or friend before you post.

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Reflex’s Support


For over 10 years Reflex has supported BCNA by donating paper for its newsletter, The Beacon, which provides up-to-date information about breast cancer research and treatment along with personal stories from those affected.

For the first time, in April and May this year, Reflex is transforming its #1 seller Ultra White packaging to BCNA pink branded packaging.

The aim is to sell 1.5million packs over the 2 month period with 10 cents from every pack donated to BCNA in addition to the paper already supplied.